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The FUNatics Blog is owned and operated by Greg and Holly Gately established in 2023. We want this to be your home for all The Walt Disney Company, The Walt Disney Studios (Including Disney Animation, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and more), Disney General Entertainment, and Walt Disney World News (merchandise to food, to announcements about new rides and attractions). Follow along as we explore the Disney World Parks, Disney Cruise Line, Universal, Seaworld, and Central Florida restaurants and Family Fun spots.

New Movie Releases, Disney movie reviews, and your latest movie/park tie-ins.

We want you to feel a part of a fun, positive community.

You can reach us at [email protected]


Mission Statement from Greg and Holly

The FUNatics Blog is built around SEO. We have succeeded without a mass following on Facebook. We are moving the Disney News into the future. While we do share our articles on our Facebook page and groups, it is not the driving factor to our view count.

Our Fan Site / Blogging community is still a newer business and hobby for most, with the majority being around 10 years old. There is still space for new voices to be heard and a fresh take people want to listen to.

Disney as a brand deserves to be treated with respect and held to a high standard. Whether it is in the Theme Parks, Entertainment, Video Games, Restaurants, or The Walt Disney Company Board.

We believe good articles, and honesty is driving our audience. With honest reviews of whatever it is we are covering. This can be done in a positive light, and never with clickbait, or trashing the company we are covering.

We believe delivering the news directly from the source is what our audience keeps returning for. From Disney Press releases to our actual experiences inside the Parks or spending time in the theater or at home enjoying an evening of Disney+. We bring you everything promptly.

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