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2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”


2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”. Every year we end up in the same debates and see the same stories posted endlessly on social media. Whether it is to stir up controversy or just get clicks. These things can become annoying to see every year at the same time.

So we made a top 10 list of things people need to “Get Over” when it comes to Disney and the Parks. Change is inevitable, time passes, but these things keep coming back like herpes. This is meant for fun. Let us know in the comments if we are way off base, or if you want to add to this growing list, we would love that.

This in no way is being an apologist, furthermore, this does not endorse every action Disney does. These are just things we want not to have to hear anymore. lol

Do I need to add, that this is for fun. Do you want to keep debating these things? That is fine with us, but let’s stop all the posts just to get people upset.

2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

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Osborne Lights: Let go of the nostalgia for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This dazzling display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios was discontinued, and it’s time to embrace new magical experiences. The lights themselves were donated to Disney by the famous Osborne family of entertainers, you know Donnie and Marie Osborne.

Just as they were donated to Disney, Disney donated them to an even better cause. Give Kids the World! For a few years, they lit up the Village spectacularly during “Night of a Million Lights” This alone is the reason to just Get Over It! They aren’t coming back.

Disney has moved on to bigger and better with Jollywood Nights, which turned out to be an amazing event after the first-night fiasco.

2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

Splash Mountain: Doesnt matter how many ‘Change.Org” partitions you sign, or post onto other Facebook groups, Splash Mountain is now in the annals of Disney History. Disney has reasons, and to them it makes sense. This doesn’t mean we have lost the magic of the ride, it is still the same old guts, with a new theme.

Sorry, not sorry, but if a whole group of people is offended by something, it is okay to look at the cause and change if necessary. Disney World is an escape from reality, and I don’t wish anyone to feel “Less Than” while visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Disney announced a reimagining of the ride to be based on “The Princess and the Frog,” so it’s time to focus on the positive changes. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure looks beautiful and we are promised a fantastic assortment of audio-animatronics and new music, plus a continuation of Tiana’s story.

2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

Box Office Numbers Obsession: Release your fixation on movie box office numbers. Disney’s success is not solely defined by box office earnings. There is more magic in the storytelling and experiences than in raw numbers.

2023 was a brutal year for movie theaters around the country. Disney had a fair share of underperforming movies, but that does not mean they were bad. Also, it does not mean they lost money. Disney knows how to get long-term maximum benefit from their IPs.

The billion-dollar box office will not happen for every Disney movie. The Disney movies that have hit a billion dollars have become massive successes for the company, but Disney has released more movies that have made between 100 and 400 million plenty more times.

Disney+ and other streaming services have changed how people consume major media. People are concerned about spending so much money for a family of 4 to go out for an evening. In some cases that will cover the yearly cost of streaming.

This is a major “Get Over It” so tired of people debating these things when they have no clue how a corporation is actually run. “If I were in Charge”!? Really, then why aren’t you in charge? lol, sorry that was a bit snarky. You get what I am saying.

History of Disney Castles Around the World in Honor of Disney100

TikTok and Viral Trends at Cinderella Castle: Seriously, here we are again talking about people doing things for clicks and strangers’ approval from social media.

Your large group of cheerleaders and the moms who accompany them, letting the kids run wild and encouraging the pyramid routine or newest viral dance in the Magic Kingdom is just so cringe.

Not everyone is going to become the next “It” person on TikTok or IG. The chances of you going Viral are slim to none. Enjoy the park, and let the families around you enjoy their day also.

Overplanning Every Second: Ease up on the urge to plan every second of your Disney trip. You will find the vacation a little more relaxing if you are not looking at the phone every few minutes waiting for a bus to arrive and it is now 5 minutes late, so you may miss that parade start time at a different Park.

Planning the major things is great, Resort, park days, nighttime fireworks, and dining reservations. Once those things are done, do not try to plan every minute detail. There is no reason to stress the 9:51 AM Space Mountain return time, and then have to be on Haunted Mansion at 10:00 AM, followed by 10:22 Dumbo.

First off you are racing across the Parks, just trying to hit rides. Disney World parks are more than just rides. Stop, breathe, smell the popcorn being heated, feel the hub grass, stare at Cinderella Castle, and see the imagineering that went into it. Look for Pascal by Tangled bathrooms, and look at the elephant footprints that were left behind in Storybook Circus.

People watch and take in the people around you, you will be shocked at the amount of people getting engaged, or taking the first photo announcing the new baby. There is magic in the air at Disney World.

Being Drunk at Epcot: Let go of the idea that getting excessively drunk at Epcot enhances the experience. Enjoy the cultural offerings and attractions without the need for overindulgence. Left or Right is a fine debate, but debating it to figure out how drunk and how many countries you will make it to have a drink in is so 2023.

I would think everyone is tired of having to write or read about someone being arrested for harassing others or fighting with security while inebriated.

Fastpass Frustration: Free Fastpass is gone! Get Over It.

We saw over the past 2 weeks Genie+ sold out, 2 parks even sold out for the first time ever this past weekend. Most people have adapted, but you still have those people who “remember the Good Times” when FastPass was free and blah blah blah. Get Over It.

2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

Ruining the Magic: Quit dwelling on the notion that changes or additions are ruining the magic. Disney continually strives to enhance the guest experience, and embracing change can lead to new enchanting adventures.

Oh man, remember when the Tower of Terror Hotel billboard came down, and at the same time it was announced the main gate area will be redesigned near Disney Springs, plus the DVC Van Billboard had been stripped of paint? All these led to huge “Disney is ruining the Magic” posts.

We did lose the Tower billboard, the others are still around plus one only got repainted. Stop jumping to the Ruining the Magic. Disney seriously does want to maintain the Most Magic Place on Earth! They are not sitting around in meeting rooms wondering how they can upset @DisFan100YearOmgPewPewPEw who will run online at the first sign-on change.

Which leads to…

Walt Disney’s Grave: Stop attributing every change or decision to Walt Disney rolling in his grave. The Disney brand continues to evolve, and Walt’s legacy lives on through innovation and creativity.

I may actually get violently sick if I hear those words again in 2024. Come up with something original. Walt started something beautiful, but times change, and decades have passed. No one knows what Walt himself would have wanted in today’s day and age. He lived in the early to mid-20th century. it’s been over 50 years since his passing, and the whole world has shifted and changed, and a lot for the better.

It’s okay to nostalgically think about what the world would be like with Walt still in it, but again, I doubt he would care less about adding Star Wars to Hollywood Studios. He was a businessman!

2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

People Being Self-Important: Release the frustration with individuals who act self-important in the parks. Remember, everyone is there to enjoy the magic, so focus on creating positive and memorable experiences for yourself and others.

These families and people are more prevalent now. We have seen and heard horrible stories about parents who bring the small children and then scold them when they act like children in Disney World, it becomes obvious the trip is about themselves and be damned if you are not part of their group or act and do what they want.

These are the adults who will be the first to yell at you, even when they are in the wrong. They will take up the whole main street with the family of 7 walking side by side so you can’t get around them. They will send 1 person to wait in line and then have the rest join them when they get close to the front. Furthermore, do not get anywhere near them when exiting the Park, you are in their way!

2024 Top 10 List of "Things to 'Get Over It' at Disney"
2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

2024 Top 10 List of “Things to ‘Get Over It’ at Disney”

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