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New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World


New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World
New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World

New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World. Thanks to Dr Mark Penning – Vice President for Disney Animals, Science, and Environment for sharing the birth announcement of 3 more Cotton-Top Tamarins.

It feels like just over 6 months ago we were announcing the birth of 2 more Tamerins, which was quite a feat. The Tamerin is considered a rare species with less than 7,500 remaining in the wild.

Cotton-top tamarins are native to Colombia and typically found in the tropical forests of the northwest region of the country. These primates live high in the treetops and forage through the canopy for the fruits and insects that make up most of their diet. They are critically endangered because of the illegal pet trade as well as extensive deforestation and loss of habitat. 

“We’re welcoming another bundle of tiny, critically endangered cotton-top tamarin triplets!

These tiny babies have spent the last several days bonding with their parents and siblings. In fact, both mom and dad share infant care responsibilities, carrying their young on their backs until approximately 14 weeks of age.

Visit the new babies and the rest of the family on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!”

New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World

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Cotton-top Tamarins – Disney Animals

Fall in love with this little leaping South American monkey—and marvel at its wild hairdo.

Cotton-top Tamarins at Walt Disney World Resort

Marvel at the amazing athletic abilities of the tiny but mighty cotton-top tamarin! Weighing just one pound (0.5 kilograms), this pint-sized primate can leap 15 feet (4.6 meters) from a stationary branch.

In the wild, cotton-top tamarins are found only in the tropical forests of northwestern Colombia in South America, where they live high in the treetops.

Delight in the antics of the tiny cotton-top tamarin on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.

Home Away From Home

Disney animal care experts recreate the forest habitats and diet of cotton-top tamarins based on their natural history.

Here’s an inside look at the life of a cotton-top tamarin at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park:

  • Animal Enrichment: Coconut feeders and puzzle feeders containing special treats—like carrots, pears, strawberries, and kiwi—are hung in various locations to encourage physical activity, problem-solving, foraging, and other natural behaviors.
  • Training: Disney animal care experts use positive training techniques to teach tamarins to stand still in a specific location. Using a target tool, the animal care experts get the tiny monkeys to step voluntarily on scales to be weighed. Cotton-tops also learn to enter and exit their carriers on cue so it’s easy to transport the animals to other areas of the park—for medical treatment or to new habitats.
  • Veterinary Care: The small size of cotton-top tamarins can make many medical procedures challenging. The park’s skilled veterinarians often use medical equipment designed for premature human babies.

Disney Conservation: Saving Cotton-Tops

The Walt Disney Company is committed to saving wildlife and protecting the magic of nature together as a global community. The Disney Conservation Fund* supports nonprofit organizations working with communities living in and near cotton-top tamarin habitats in Colombia to raise species awareness, reduce unsustainable use of forest products and create alternative livelihood opportunities that benefit communities and tamarins.

New Cotton-Top Tamarin Triplets Born at Disney World

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