6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon.

As many of you know, Year of the Dragon celebrations are in full swing at Disney Experiences. 

“Dragons” are considered energetic, charismatic and possess the ability to inspire. And those characteristics reminded us of a few Disney dragons for the Year of the Dragon! 

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession at Disney California Adventure park
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

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Mushu from Disney Animation’s “Mulan”

Mushu, from the Disney Animation film, “Mulan”, is funny and heroic.  And during our Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure park at Disneyland Resort from now through Feb. 18, chances are you’ll spot him leading the way in Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession.

Mushu has also headed over to Shanghai Disney Resort for the first time as part of the Spring Festival celebrating Chinese New Year, where he was honored in an exclusive welcome moment on the stage of the beautiful Enchanted Storybook Castle.

And when Mushi visits Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, he joins the all-new “Mickey’s Year of the Dragon Celebration” castle stage show along with Raya from Disney Animation’s “Raya and the Last Dragon.”  Dragon kites representing Sisu (see below) and other magical dragons dance in mid-air during the show.

Meet Figment at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

Figment from EPCOT 

No Disney dragon introduction needed here – Figment is a Blog-reader favorite and can be spotted all over the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. We recently shared 25 can’t-miss moments for the mischievous and enthusiastic dragon with a fun sense of exploration.  

Figment learns and dreams – inspiring by imagining a future without limits – and he always invites you to do the same!  

Elliot from “Pete’s Dragon” in the “Disney Electrical Sy Parade" at Disneyland Paris
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

Elliot from “Pete’s Dragon” 

Elliot, the gentle giant dragon, was first seen in “Pete’s Dragon” in 1977 as a furry friend that may seem ferocious, but just wants a family. 

Disney fans know this delightful dragon has wowed crowds during the “Main Street Electrical Parade: Dreamlights” at Tokyo Disney Resort and is now among the magical images created in mid-air during the “Disney Electrical Sy Parade” at Disneyland Paris.

Maleficent in the "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade" at Magic Kingdom
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

Maleficent from Disney Animation’s “Sleeping Beauty”

In the film, Maleficent is a malevolent fairy who has the power to transform into a fire-breathing dragon. 

Disney parks fans may recognize her at Magic Kingdom Park in the form of an enormous, steampunk-inspired dragon from the “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade.”

Dragon under Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris

La Tanière du Dragon from Disneyland Paris

Our next dragon, an amazingly lifelike Audio-Animatronics figure, can be found in a dark and ominous dungeon under Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.

Once the ruler of the skies, this defeated dragon lies chained against jagged rocks. The dragon may be dozing, but tread carefully, as one false move will lead to a hot, rumbling surprise.

Brickley the LEGO sea serpent at Disney Springs
6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon

Brickley from Disney Springs

And we’ll wrap with a surprise at Disney Springs – Brickley the sea serpent.  Popping out of the water, Brickley is an impressive sight and inspires creativity – created completely with LEGO bricks.

Of course, there are more notable Disney dragons, including The Reluctant Dragon, Sisu, Madam Mim, The Gwythaints and more – but we’ll save those next time.

We hope you enjoyed our fun look at Disney dragons to ring in tomorrow’s official start of the Year of the Dragon.  Be sure to keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more Chinese New Year stories.

6 Disney Parks Dragons for Year of the Dragon