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A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker


A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone - The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker
A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker. D23 is an amazing source of Disney history and interesting facts. I recommend always keeping an eye on the D23 Website, and if you are a big Disney fan, think about becoming a member.

In the expansive world of voice acting, Emmy and Annie nominated actor Dee Bradley Baker stands as a titan, his talent reverberating through iconic characters. He provides the voices for members of titular clone troopers in Star Wars: The Bad Batch—the third and final season of which began streaming on Disney+ on Wednesday—but beyond that galaxy far, far away, he’s done it all, from whimsical creatures to stoic warriors.

Join us as we delve deeper into some beloved personas Baker has brought to life, sometimes including multiple roles in the same show, as in Star Wars: The Bad Batch. All of the following (except for the video game) are now streaming on Disney+

Perry the Platypus is wearing a brown detective hat and is seated on a red chair in front of a controller. He appears puzzled as he presses a blue button.
A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

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Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb (2007–2012)
Baker’s vocal prowess shines brightly in Phineas and Ferb, as he lends his voice to the iconic Perry the Platypus. With his playful platypus noises in place of traditional dialogue, Baker brings Perry to life, endearing him to audiences with his unmistakable style and wit.

Hunter from Star Wars: The Bad Batch is depicted in typical clone commando gear, mostly gray with red stripes, and he has a red bandana with a skull motif around his head.
A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

Hunter and others in Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021–2024)
In the action-packed Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Baker voices Hunter, leader of the Bad Batch and a stoic soldier with a special set of skills. Baker also voices four more characters in the show, who often are talking to each other. As a testament to Baker’s talent, you’d never know it was one actor performing all the parts in real-time!

In a scene from Gravity Falls, Mabel Pines is joyfully embracing Dipper Pines, lifting him up in a warm hug. Mabel is dressed in a blue and pink turtleneck sweater, a dark blue skirt, and pink sneakers. Dipper sports his signature blue cap, a red t-shirt, a blue vest, and classic black sneakers. Accompanying them is their pet pig, Waddles. The backdrop features a rustic wooden hut and two colorful carnival booths labeled "Balloon Bust" and "Mystery Dogs."

Waddles in Gravity Falls (2012–2014)
Baker’s talent knows no bounds in Gravity Falls, where he voices the adorable Waddles, the pet pig of Mabel Pines. Waddles quickly became a fan-favorite character in the show, stealing scenes with his oinks and antics.

Captain Rex and the entire clone army from Star Wars: The Clone Wars are depicted in their signature gray attire with blue accents. Each member of the army is donning an orange helmet with grey detailing. Captain Rex, who stands in the middle of the four lines the clones have formed, holds the helmet in his right arm.

Captain Rex and the entire clone army in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008–2020)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars marked the beginning of Baker’s impressive work voicing not just a few of the titular characters, but lending voice to every single clone featured in the show. Thanks to Baker, clones such as Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Fives, and more became fan-favorite characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

On the left side of this image from Miles from Tomorrowland, Miles Callisto stands clad in his typical space gear, a white jumpsuit featuring a black and yellow collar and shoulder pads. He wears a blue, see-through helmet emitting blue light rays. On the right side, Merc accompanies him, both of them standing at the edge of a space shuttle, gazing out into the galaxy.
A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

M.E.R.C. in Miles from Tomorrowland (2015–2016)
In this animated series, Baker voices M.E.R.C. (short for Mechanical Emotionally Responsive Creature), a pet robotic ostrich who serves as the sidekick to Miles Callisto, the protagonist of the series. Baker’s lines primarily consist of ostrich sounds, which means lots of chirping.

Nubs, a brand-new species called a Pooba, is a small, fluffy blue creature. In this photo from Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, Nubs is wearing a brown cape and riding a blue sailboat. Nubs appears to be enjoying the fast ride but also seems slightly worried.

Nubs in Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (2023)
In Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, Baker voices the adorable Nubs, a member of a brand-new species called Pooba. Nubs possesses innate physical strength, which he demonstrates in protecting both friends and strangers from potential threats. Throughout the series, we can often hear Baker cooing, squealing, and speaking Poobian.

Captain Rex from Star Wars Rebels is depicted in standard gray clone trooper armor, leading a group of characters in a sprint towards an unknown target. The backdrop showcases pyramid-like monuments and airplanes.

Captain Rex in Star Wars Rebels (2014–2017)
Baker reprises his Clone Wars role of Captain Rex in Star Wars Rebels, where he joins the crew of the Ghost to fight against the Empire, showcasing his experience and wisdom as a veteran clone trooper. Throughout the series, Rex struggles with his past as a soldier but remains a steadfast ally to the Rebels, using his skills to aid their cause.

Eda and Lilith in owl beast form in The Owl House (2020–2022)
In The Owl House, Baker voices Edna and Lilith in their owl beast forms, contributing to the magical and whimsical atmosphere of the animated series. Against the backdrop of the perilous Boiling Isles, Eda and Lilith’s cursed forms serve as compelling reminders of the complexities of power, redemption, and sisterhood.

Milo from Milo Murphy’s Law crouches down to dog level to give Diogee a treat while patting his head. Milo is wearing a yellow polo shirt, a pink vest with brown stripes, and a brown backpack. Behind the two is a gray building with trees and shrubs.

Diogee in Milo Murphy’s Law (2016–2019)
Diogee Ex Machina Murphy is Milo Murphy’s faithful pet dog, whose stamina and intellect seem to surpass the average canine. Diogee’s intelligence often comes to the rescue when Milo and his friends find themselves in sticky situations. In this role, Baker embodies Diogee through playful barks and endearing whines, particularly when urged to “Go home!” by Milo.

The fairies Tinker Bell and Periwinkle are embracing amidst falling snow in this image from the movie Secret of the Wings. Fiona, a pet lynx who towers over the tiny fairies, gazes at them from the right side of the photo, while Fiona’s keeper, the gray-haired pixie Dewey, stands atop Fiona’s head, also observing the tender embrace between the two fairies.

Cheese and Fiona in Secret of the Wings (2012)
In the enchanting world of the Pixie Hollow feature film Secrets of the Wings, Baker embodies Cheese, one of the many mice in Pixie Hollow, and Fiona, pet lynx to the Hollow’s Keeper, Dewey. You’ll catch Baker communicating mainly through chirps and squeaks in this fourth installment in the Disney Fairies franchise!

Animal and the rest of the Muppet gang in toddler form (Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo the Great, Fozzie Bear, and Summer Penguin) are in an aircraft that Animal is piloting. Kermit the Frog, Summer Penguin, and Gonzo the Great are wearing airline captain hats.
A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

Animal and 10 more characters in Muppet Babies (2018–2021)
In Muppet Babies, Baker brings to life the toddler version of Animal, an excitable, frenzied monster who plays the drums. In this animated series, Animal is joined by Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Bear, Gonzo, and Summer Penguin as they embark on imaginative adventures while under the care of their loving nanny, Miss Nanny. Baker’s portrayal of Animal perfectly captures the character’s wild nature, infusing each line with the energy that fans have come to expect from the beloved Muppet.

Nix in Star Wars Outlaws (2024)
In the upcoming action-adventure video game Star Wars Outlaws, Baker takes on the role of Nix, Kay Vess’s loyal companion, adding another compelling character to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe. The game takes place during the period between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983).

A Pig, Platypus, and a Clone – The Many Voices of Dee Bradley Baker

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